Read an extract from Patricia's new book - "Divine Realisation - One Soul’s Journey".

Chapter One – A New World

How did I manage to climb out of the ‘box’ of life, sit on top, look around and see a new world?  When did I realise that my existence was more than just walking, running or stumbling, from one of life’s experience to another.  What gave me a sudden unquenchable thirst for knowledge of life itself?  How did I discover peace of mind and why do I view people and every day situations so differently now?  It all began slowly with the first taste of real sorrow in my life, the loss of a loved one, something within me started to awaken, a door was opened and I walked through to embark upon a search for the key to open the next doorway, behind which stood my own personal Holy Grail.

When I bothered to think about it I thought life was just about going through all the ‘ages and stages’ and then dying. That was all there was, over and out!  Yes, I had heard of heaven or hell, where we were meant to go depending on how we are in this life, but although, as explained later, I knew about it through the faith of my birth the reality of it did not warrant my full attention, I was too busy living day to day, with worldly worries and my busy ‘monkey chatter mind’ to keep me company. 

I lived within my family circle, being happy with the company of loved ones and friends but over the many years I also walked through many difficult encounters, in my personal and working life.  I faced tests which pulled me headlong through a hedgerow of emotions leaving me mentally shattered, my faith in fellow humans taken to the limit many times. 

One day a close family member said “Patricia, you don’t laugh anymore”, I was shocked at this innocent statement, particularly when I realised it was true.  Where had my spirit gone, where was the laughing child who ran around the fields of her grandfather’s farm in Ireland looking under stones and rocks for fairies (only to find frogs!), at what point along the way did I lose myself, when did I stop laughing and when did I start taking life so seriously that it effected the very essence of who I was, casting a cloud over the lightness I had known in my younger years. 

At one time, whilst mentally struggling to cope with people and pressures, I reasoned that it would be prudent to find the gift of a ‘thick skin’, not caring anymore, letting difficulties go over my head and I became determined to look beyond any problem, but this did not work, it was not ‘me’, every upset was taken to heart and would wake me up at night to haunt me.

I didn’t realise it then, but I realise it now, that I was lost in the corridors of my own mind giving too much thought and energy to things that had not one iota of importance to my existence as an individual soul. One day my life changed forever and in the process of that change I gathered enough strength of mind and purpose to take the first step on a path which would lead me to a place in the highest part of my mind, from this vantage point I could suddenly see the reason for it all, the bigger picture, my past sensitivities became lost in the beauty of what I saw.


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